Our bobwhites are simply the best around! We condition our bobwhites in a natural environment – not raised on wire. We believe that to get the best, you need to raise them just as you do pheasants. We seed their flight pens with prairie grass, sorghum, and millet to give them great cover so that they will develop with their natural instincts. Whether it be training your dog or releasing, you will be getting the best birds around.


The chukars here at Olesens Flyway are outstanding. We hand select our breeding stock for size and strength to ensure we produce strong flying birds year after year. Our chukars are raised in flight conditioning pens.  Our birds are being used in dog trials and released on preserves around the country. We  believe these are some of the best birds you’ll be able to find and so do our customers. So whether you’re releasing them for hunting or getting your dog ready for the season we have birds ready for you.