We raise a wild strain of pheasants here at Olesens Flyway. These birds would be considered the mustangs of pheasantry. We hand select our breeders to get the bluest blue-backs and strive for what we call green backs. We personally think the color on these birds is the best we’ve ever seen.


For those that are interested in restocking or establishing pheasants on new land, we have what your looking for. Ready to lay eggs! Our spring release hens are not pre-existing breeders. These are strong healthy hens ready to be released in May before the breeding season begins. These hens are over 35 weeks old so they will be of age to breed and clutch a natural hatch. By releasing hens in the spring you will see an increase in natural hatch pheasant numbers. So if your restocking or establishing pheasants on new ground we have the birds for you.


Our flight pen construction is not your typical construction. We strive to produce the best and we construct our pens to do just that. Our pheasants are kept in pens from 100’x150′ on up and are given the thickest cover we can produce. Pens are filled with sorghum, corn, sunflower, common weeds, and trees to stimulate there ability to eat naturally and seek shelter. We are always trying to do things better to have the least amount of human contact as possible and we try to give the birds as much square footage as possible 20-25 square foot per bird.